Why Choose Mouth of the South's Authentic Cajun Kitchen

If you are looking for mouth-watering Southern Cajun cuisine, look no further than Mouth of the South. We offer a scratch kitchen, a chef-inspired menu — featuring an award-winning bread pudding — two locations, and the highest quality southern cajun food you will find this side of the Mississippi.

fresh shrimp cooking in a skillet with peppers in the background

Scratch Kitchen

A scratch kitchen is where all the ingredients are fresh, not processed or frozen. This means you can actually pronounce the ingredients you are eating and feel good about it. It also means that every day, our chefs prepare each of our dishes from scratch, using the highest quality ingredients. Just fresh food, nothing else. You can taste the difference.

Mouth of the South location with purple lights and exposed brick interior

Two Locations

With two locations, Mouth of the South has got you covered for southern Cajun food. One in West Omaha, where our local residents visit us and turn into regulars to relax in our laid-back atmosphere and families join us for their meals. Our other location is in Old Market. A trendy downtown district that offers a little something for everyone. You want a hip spot to take your client to lunch? We’ve got you covered. You like Blues? So do we. That's why we feature Blues and Brunch every Sunday at our Old Market location.

shrimp and vegetables from Mouth of the South

Our Food

Award-winning Bread pudding (voted as #1 in Omaha), homemade Andouille Sausage, Cajun crawfish, and Cajun jambalaya. What truly sets our restaurant apart is the flavor profiles in these dishes and the add-ons our chefs have created. Entouffee, traditionally served with rice, is served with grits here. Why? Because the complexity of flavors it has explodes in your mouth, that’s why.

a variety of cajun foods

Quality and Commitment

No one does Southern Cajun food like Mouth of the South does. We are passionate about providing the best service, the best food, and the best experience. After losing it all in 2017 when a fire destroyed everything, we picked ourselves back up and started over again. But this time, we came back better and stronger than before. Lucky to have partnered with restauranteur Greg Cutchall and CMC, we have grown into what we are today, guided by their vision and our dedication to our values.

So if you are looking for the best southern Cajun cuisine and driving to Louisiana is not an option, you will want to come to Mouth of the South and experience traditional Cajun dishes that have been fine-tuned with a modern twist.